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Yuppie Living is dead. Long live Yuppie Living.

I’ve embraced a new media venture. A brand new site dedicated to all my likes and dislikes, focusing on wit, style, beauty and leisure. Trendy has teamed up with equally brilliant minds, grown up and faced his true self, as Il Gattopardo, at

Make sure to pay us a visit. This venture is depending on your visits and clicks. Don’t be shy to check out the site and click on the ads. That’s what’s keeping us online.

And don’t be shy, drop all your comments and suggestions on our email box.

See you soon.


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Maybe this is not the best example. A Rolex looks good on everyone, men and women.

And the fact the blouse is amazing makes it look even better.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton

This is shear beauty. They both look amazing. They show all the love and cumplicity between the two and seem in their own world. I’m not really a fan of Gisele and think Tom is just another country boy but can’t look away from this picture.

Photo by Tommy Ton

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When we think of photography, we think of Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton or even Mario Testino. All great men, all great photographers.

But we shouldn’t underestimate women. They’ve got a great eye for capturing beauty in men and women alike.

As you can see from the slideshow, that’s the case of Paola Kudacki.

… of better days and places!

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I would go for the Limited Edition Rolex!

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