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I’m not really into the combination of electronic and world music but this guy is making me rethink all that.


Sweet voice. Lovely little song.

I can´t get tired of Portugal. The Man. Indeed the best thing to come out of Alaska.

Yeah baby, soul!!!!!

It looks like Ian Curtis and Diana Ross had a bunch of babies that ended up in The Drums.

Feeling very melodically psychedelic today. And the Super Furries are the perfect companion for a melodically psychedelic soul.

Great Mod band, overlooked too many times.

A few years have gone by. Still sounds amazing, though.

I really miss the days bands hated each other like the Britpop, Blur vs Oasis, times.

Having said that I think it’s pretty cool to have bands collaborating with other bands and showing their support for the music they like.

In the video, Christopher Owens from “Girls” showing his support for the, also San Francisco based, “The Morning Benders”.