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I’ve always hated reality shows. All kinds of reality TV was, for me, an abomination. I couldn’t stand it not even from a sociological perspective.

All that changed when I first watched an episode of Miami Ink (or LA Ink, for that matter).

I was never a tattoo kind of guy but that show is addictive. Trust me.

It’s not just the art pieces. In fact, I believe that the show is the perfect mirror for human relations and attitudes towards life.

A tattoo is a lifetime project, a permanent endeavour, so is only natural that it is meaningful to the person who is getting it. And, most of the times, that meaning is profound, like overcoming an illness or the loss a loved one, celebrating a new beginning, burying a dark period of your life.

All this amounts to great entertainment. Not empty, meaningless or fake like most of reality TV but full of real feelings and life stories. And that is not only addictive but very relaxing and soothing.