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I’m not really into the combination of electronic and world music but this guy is making me rethink all that.


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Dress like your favorite music star.

Everybody’s got a staple look and it’s fun to see you can identify all of the artists ensembles without looking at their names.

The Stella McCartney collection for kids looks pretty cool.

It makes you go back in time.  I wish I could wear those electric blue corduroy pants when I was a boy.

Nowadays kids have all this great things at their disposal . In fashion and everything else… Envy!!!!

Pretty cool interview with one of the greastest designers around and a personal favorite already featured on this blog.

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Who’s your favorite? Trooper, I mean!

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What a great cashmere and wool blend jacket. Italian cut with fairly big peaked lapels and patch pockets.

I’m wearing it today and thinking this jacket might end up in my wardrobe’s hall of fame.

I’m feeling confident and sharp, and you can’t put a price tag on this kind of feeling. It’s worth every cent.

Sweet voice. Lovely little song.

I love Italy. I go there as often as I can and always dream of the next opportunity to return. But there are some things that are constant reminders of my love for the country. Here are five of them: a person, a place, an event, a brand and a product.

1. Giuseppe Verdi

I hear his Requiem constantly and it amazes me every time. It’s got that Italian flair that puts me inside any church in Rome.

2. S. Pellegrino

Whenever I get the chance I drink a bottle and think I’m in a Sicilian trattoria.

3. Pitti Uomo Fair

It happens in Firenze twice a year and it’s the main menswear fashion/style event of the globe.

4. Italia Independent

One of my favorite brands, from one of my style icons.

5. Galleria Borghese

Not just because of Caravaggio’s paintings. A beautiful building and an overwhelming park in the heart of Vila Borghese.

I wish I could be there right now. I’ll keep on dreaming.