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I was completely hooked from the first harmony of “Wouldn’t it be nice”, the first track from The Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds”. And you can guess I went on to buy the complete discography of the band…

Brian Wilson is a genius, right up there with Mozart or Lennon, and “Pet Sounds” may well be the greatest record of the 20th century. Songs like “Just wasn’t made for this times”, “God only knows” and “Caroline no” are still some of the best songs ever written.

The Beatles were right to be jealous.


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Is green the season’s color?

Yeah baby, soul!!!!!

Next chapter in my musical history…

Almost everyone criticizes Andrew Lloyd Webber. Frequently saying his music is kitsch.

I can understand that, I really do. But there’s some of his work that really stands out.

For me, Jesus Christ Superstar is the greatest musical ever written. You will argue with Sweeney Todd and The Nightmare Before Christmas. And I’ll say they’re great, but nothing compared to JCS.

I grew up with it, so I may be biased, but the fact is I’m able to sing it, song by song, word by word. And this says a lot about the longterm effects and quality of a musical.

And it’s pretty cool to have Ian Gillian (from Deep Purple) performing Jesus part, even if only in the soundtrack album.

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Anna, the designer and director of the eyewear company PRISM, has that kind of overall beauty. It’s not just the looks. It’s something else. She’s a girl you would like to get to know better. And that’s the true essence of real beauty.

Photos courtesy of Backyard Bill for GQ

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The version with “Whatever”.

You may think that a Blur fan could never be an Oasis fan, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You may prefer one or the other, but you gotta love both. I do.

Got to get my hands on this camo/skulled bag.

They called him the King of Pop…

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Following a queue from a dear friend, like me, an avid music lover, I decided to share some of the music that will accompany me throughout my life.

The rules are very simple. I chose 20 different albums, from 20 different bands/singers/composers,  that I will always love, cherish and listen, and I will post one each day, in no particular order.

Let’s start with a band from my youth. I fell in love while watching the 1994 Brit Awards (back when the Brits were cool) and I’m in love until today.

This record (with another one I’ll share later on) introduced me to the Britpop world in the 90’s and led me to buy hundreds of records, some of them featured in this top 20.

Blur are probably the greatest UK band since The Smiths and Parklife is definitely one of the best albums of the 90’s. From Albarn’s lyrics to Coxon’s guitar playing, all came out perfectly in this record.

This was the first record I bought for my baby boy, when he was 2 months old, and that says a lot about what Parklife means to me.

For those of you, like myself, who are suckers for dogs, advertising and slow motion features (and, in fact, for everyone else) here’s a great Pedigree (yes, the dog food) TV ad.