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Feeling very melodically psychedelic today. And the Super Furries are the perfect companion for a melodically psychedelic soul.


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I’m not really feeling the recent Parisien street style (too slim, too minimal, too monocromatic, too dark, too slouchy), but Gordon Von Steiner managed to capture everything great about that style and city.

Photos courtesy of Gordon Von Steiner for GQ

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After winning this year’s GQ’s Best New Designer Award, Billy Reid was offered the oportunity to colaborate with quintessential and legendary american brand Levi’s.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the pieces of the colaboration. The craftsmanship Reid puts in all of his work is always a turn on for me. And these pieces are no exception. Got to get my hands on some of them.

Maybe this is not the best example. A Rolex looks good on everyone, men and women.

And the fact the blouse is amazing makes it look even better.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton

Because Puma knows that not everybody can be a professional athlete or go to the gym.

And because leisure and sport should always go together.

If you can’t get a kick out of it, it’s just pointless. No matter how competitive you are.

A match made in heaven! Three of the greatest songwriters that ever lived.

I love everything Brian Wilson does and I’ve always admired the George/Ira songbook, so this has the potential to be a personal favorite.

Out on September 6

This is shear beauty. They both look amazing. They show all the love and cumplicity between the two and seem in their own world. I’m not really a fan of Gisele and think Tom is just another country boy but can’t look away from this picture.

Photo by Tommy Ton

Great Mod band, overlooked too many times.

A few years have gone by. Still sounds amazing, though.

Luca Rubinacci again. In leisure mode. As myself.

Bold shirt, colorful shorts, bright sunglasses. Accessorize with boat and a view.